• Dec 14, 2020

Representatives of breed a veymaraner since early years of life show high endurance, endurance, speed, force, and still inquisitiveness, skill and inexhaustible energy. Therefore the correct education in the childhood is so important not to miss these vigorous strong children, to find a common language and to begin dialogue.


Нардо — the real example of how it is not necessary to do. It belongs to this great breed, but from Her Majesty in Nardo there was only a distinctive appearance. Behavior at the pet well simply disgusting. And it is not connected with his specific features. It did not differ in too special energy, impatience and obstinacy. It just was the most usual tail which got into family. And already his so-called tutors made or did not do everything possible to bring up a disobedient dog.

This indifference to the pet finally developed into treachery. As soon as the family ship crashed, life and the relations got derailed, without drop of regrets refused the pet. Especially, it was not brought up at all that of course, did not suit any their former partners. The vicious circle turns out from which Nardo most of all suffered.


Сейчас it in a shelter. Though it and unruly, but in soul very kind and friendly. And it is next treasured world at the end of a tunnel, there are no bad dogs, there are dogs without due care and attention. Such and our Nardo. Incredibly beautiful, clever, strong, healthy, but absolutely ill-bred, but with a potential to correct it. The handsome man waits for acquaintances and is oath promises to improve as soon as feels that he really is necessary to someone.

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