• Oct 28, 2018

Eh, Protection or Cats of the Hermitage Gets Up Early Walking on the center of the Northern Capital, any tourist or the resident has a fine opportunity to have a rest a little in the cozy town and in the pleasant company, and then to continue acquaintance to St. Petersburg or to run on affairs. And the most ordinary cats will become those who diversify leisure of the tired traveler.

of the Cat and their emergence in the Hermitage

Whether Peter I, the founder of the city on Neva loved cats, it is unknown. But it possesses the idea to bring these small predators for protection of the Winter Palace from rats. At first the world famous Hermitage was built from a tree, and after attacks of gray rodents in walls there were holes. Vasily, the first keeper of values with moustaches and a tail, executed the duties assigned to him, than caused approval of the emperor and emergence of the Decree in which it was ruled to bring from Kazan the best cats in number of thirty pieces. All other citizens having barns also had to register at themselves fluffy мурлык.

Eh, Protection or Cats of the Hermitage Gets Up Early

Ekaterina the Second did not flare love to these pets, but seeing their undoubted advantage in extermination of rodents, too supported army of security guards of palace works of art.

Siege of Leningrad

Cats endured war with Napoleon, Great October Socialist Revolution. At any power cultural and historical values were protected, understanding need of contents on service of members of the cat's kingdom.

Eh, Protection or Cats of the Hermitage Gets Up Early

But when passed tragic days of the Siege of Leningrad, in the city there is no cat left, all of them died. And the main small enemies of pictures and electric conducting bred in a huge number. And before to return the museum pieces which are taken out on storage to the Urals in the city there were echelons in which there arrived to the new residence five thousand cats and cats. Soon in the Hermitage there is no gray creature left.

our days and a kotokafa, as rest from service

Now the tradition of keeping of cats in the Hermitage remained. All moustached soldiers having a registration in cellars of the Winter Palace are supplied by all necessary for service. In guard the bowl, a tray and a basket for a dream is given by the speaker. A compulsory measure is castration as creation of cat's cells of society is not provided.

to Each owner of the volunteer with claws the certificate by which the sovereign can visit the museum free of charge is issued.

Eh, Protection or Cats of the Hermitage Gets Up Early

A certain sum therefore the army of cats is limited by 50 defenders is given for keeping of army. Well knowing character and habits of cats, the veterinarian of the Hermitage Anna Kondratyeva decided to create Cat's cafe near Palace Square. Now at purring there is own holiday house where visitors will communicate to important brotherhood. In cafe two rooms. In the first tables at which it is possible to drink a cup of tea or coffee with cookies, to draw, esteem, register in club of fans of cats. In the second Hermitage cats relax and play. Payment for acquaintance and communication very symbolical. Many come here often, adoring cats and not having an opportunity to hold their houses, people satisfy the requirement of communication with favourite animals. Those, in turn, too are glad to have a rest from service and to receive heat from human hands.

Eh, Protection or Cats of the Hermitage Gets Up Early

Perhaps, one of famous Vasily's descendants survived and now sits on a lap at the visitor of unusual cafe

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