• Jan 16, 2020

Eight black rhinoceroses in Kenya died during the operation directed to rescue of a rare species. The ministry of tourism and wild nature of Kenya published the statement for it against the background of extensive criticism of defenders of the nature, LiveScience writes.

of Rhinoceroses was carried from national parks of Nairobi and Nakuru to recently created reserve in national park East Tsavo. Transportation was organized for creation of new population, it was a part of Kenyan National strategy for preservation of rhinoceroses.

To the new park fourteen rhinoceroses had to transport all, but for a certain reason only eleven individuals started on the journey. After moving eight animals died.

Preliminary researches showed that rhinoceroses got poisoned with salt from temporary vessels for drink. Salt content in this water was higher, than in the place where animals lived earlier. Salty water caused in them thirst, and they continued to drink that led to "vicious circle". Local officials promised to submit the full report on causes of death after opening and investigation.

"This transportation can be described only as a complete disaster — Paula Caumbu, the executive director of the movement WildlifeDirect commented. — Kenyans have to demand explanations and full transparency and also guarantees that it will not repeat".

Earlier at Kenyan experts it turned out to transport rhinoceroses. From 2005 to 2017 to new places transported 149 rhinoceroses, from them died only eight (without eight dead in 2018).

Black rhinoceroses are on the verge of disappearance. According to the International union of conservation, in the 20th century on Earth there lived about 850,000 black rhinoceroses, now their number was reduced to 4,880 individuals.

Source: of https://www.tut.ru/? crnd=15847

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