• Jan 8, 2021

especially hard death of the pet. The more animals give pleasures to owners, the grief is deeper from their death. As elderly people react to loss of the favourite and how to help them to endure this tragedy?

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As elderly people р е agirut on the death of pets?

Reaction of grief can be expressed differently. Often elderly people already transferred set of other losses, for example, death of spouses, relatives, neighbors or old friends. Often elderly people have chronic diseases which limit their movement, and, therefore, communication and life in general. All it leads to loneliness and isolation.

It turns out, for many elderly people animals – sometimes only interlocutors, it is possible to care for them and in exchange constantly to get unconditional love. That is favourites become family and the best friends. And loss of the pet means loss of the whole world and also feeling that you are necessary to someone. In that case grief from loss of an animal can be intolerable.

What it is possible to make to honor memory of the pet and to facilitate grief?

  1. To create album with photos.
  2. To speak about an animal with other people. Here it is important that interlocutors did not wave away and feelings of the elderly person did not depreciate.
  3. To write story about the pet.
  4. To take other animal who needs care.
  5. To visit support group for the people who lost the pet. Yes, in more developed countries there are support groups for the people who lost the pet, but on Post-Soviet space it is necessary only to dream of it.

It is important to find people who can give support and show sympathy in this really heavy time. It will help the elderly person to recover from irreplaceable loss.

Author of a research: Betty J. Carmack, R.N., Ed.D.; Professor, School of medicine, university of San Francisco

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