• Jan 15, 2020

of Enzo – a special dog. And not only because he is such darling. No, Enzo special as he was born with a special mutation of somatic cages. It did not affect his health, and the only sign of this mutation in any way – a big black spot on his muzzle.

retriever, dog, a muzzle of a dog, a spot on a muzzle of a dog photo: boredpanda.com

the Hostess Enzo, Ella, tells: "Gold retrievers are born with the lower layer of wool of black color, but the special gene modifier turns it into gold. Practically at each dog this gene proves. And Enzo in DNA has a little change which erased this gene from a part of a muzzle".

Krom of unusual appearance, Enzo differs in nothing from other dogs. He, as well as everything, likes to bring a stick, to welcome cyclists and runners on the street and, of course, pays special attention to dirty pools.

retriever, golden retriever, dog, spot on a muzzle of a dog, a pet photo: boredpanda.com

of Enzo became a celebrity thanks to the Instagram account on which at it 134 thousand subscribers. And there is no wonder, you only look at these friendly eyes!

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