• Aug 14, 2019

Sobakovladeltsam sometimes offensively to hear unflattering statements in the address. Like, produced wild beasts, there is no life from them. Also it is possible to assure himself of what us, Daybreakers, is surrounded by enemies and in general spiteful, narrow-minded people as much as necessary. Unfortunately, often we, dog lovers, create to our favourites image not of friends of the person, and ill-bred, uncontrollable monsters.

We often nod

to Europe: there supposedly (and to animals in general) treat dogs better and more humanely. But also owners there, we recognize honestly, behave much more responsibly.

Bad news: the image is spoiled irresponsible, and all owners of dogs should disentangle consequences.

Good news: this situation can be changed. It is worth following a number of simple rules only. If we begin with ourselves — as know, maybe, and others "will be tightened" and will be filled with love and respect for our four-footed partners? Having recognized, at last, behind them the right to become full-fledged residents.

General rules

Most often people nervously react to a dog (especially large) which rushes in their party. Assurances "the doggie does not bite, be not afraid!" most often do not cause anything except irritation. And it is clear.

Even if your dog adores all mankind, people around absolutely optional are informed on it. Besides not everyone is delighted by an obnyukhivaniye, attempts "to kiss" or prints of dirty paws on clothes. What here love!

Even if your pet just runs towards the stranger, without having intention to meet him, it can develop into the conflict. People, alas, are not able to read dog mind so far. The annoying defect of Madam Priroda, but as is.

The discontent in this case is clear and explainable. Call up the pet, take on a lead. In advance.

Talk to a dog quietly — at least, in crowded places. If you shout "To me!!!" or "FAUGH!!!" with a force to which the steamship beep will envy passersby will be horrified to jump aside — both from you, and from your monster. Talk to monsters similar tone.

Do not allow a dog to run up to children. You see mother with the kid – pick up a lead or hold the pet for a collar.

Photo: google.com

If the child at full speed rushes to your dog, stop him. Try to inform mother or the father of a thought that before allowing the child to iron others doggie (even if there is a strong wish), it is necessary to ask permissions the owner.

Before allowing foreign child to iron a dog, reliably record her. Even if are sure that "will not bite for anything". The dog can move, suddenly be developed and accidentally bring down the kid from legs. The fright, crying, and even a persistent phobia will become result. And the subsequent hatred to all dogs and dog lovers in general.

If you ride with a canine friend in public transport, settle down on the rear platform. Also block the pet yourself from other passengers. Even if you are sure of adequacy of the dog, you should not be charged for adequacy of people around. Probably, superfluous will remind that the muzzle is obligatory here. As, however, and in any crowded place. An exception — little dogs, in carrying or on hands.

In any place where the dog can suffer or become a concern source, you should not release her in free floating. It is possible to be for 99% in her sure, but there is always 1% of accidents: a cat, other dog, suddenly appeared car, actively gesticulating passerby, the runner or the cyclist …

If the pet is not trained, in general you should not lower it from a lead. In the morning training — in the evening freedom.

Do not choose for walking playgrounds, territories of schools, kindergartens or hospitals. It is better to plan a route in advance.

Where went, take a bag — to remove what will be left behind by your pet. Even it is unpleasant to fan of dogs to scrape off fruits of dog activity from a sole or to admire them — that to speak about average citizens. Good news to fastidious: if the bag categorically does not suit you, there are special means for contactless cleaning.

Rules for dogs

If your dog is not inclined to be on friendly terms with tribespeople, and to you foreign dog without lead rushes, try to appeal the owner to common sense and to ask to recall the pet. However, it is possible to hear sacramental: "Mine does not bite!" Answer: "But mine — still as!" — sometimes helps.

on the other hand when you met an unfamiliar dog (especially if you see google.com that the owner nervously brings up her to himself), you should not wait for the first round of dog fights. Take the favourite on a lead and disperse — it is desirable, on a big circle. If the space is limited, watch at least that dogs were from the opposite sides, and people — between them. For example, if both dogs go at the left leg, it is necessary to disperse "the right shoulder".
Remember that the best fight is that which did not take place.

Governed for a bough

During a techka the bough should not walk in the public place: it can be dangerous both to a dog, and to you. Dogs, having scented an attractive smell, lose the head and can try to drive away from you your dog or even to attack you. It is unlikely similar experience — without what it is difficult to do.

It is better to walk in close proximity to the house that in case of danger to quickly evacuate the favourite (and themselves) on the safe territory.

Time for walks during this period should be chosen too. "Rush hour" for dog lovers — from 7 to 9 o'clock in the morning from 18 to 21 evenings. Leave with the dog sooner or later. It is better to suffer three weeks, than then to disentangle consequences.

Rules of a divergence with other dogs for not too friendly a bough are also relevant. Devchachya of a fight it is sometimes more terrible than kobeliny fights.

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