• Mar 20, 2020

Baron — a stately name for a stately dog. And this is true! The metis of a setter and hound looks fantastically. He has an unusual spotty gray-white-black color, and a muzzle — a continuous charm. One half black, another — gray. Distinctive feature of Baron!

The young dog arrived to Moscow from Abkhazia. He was just given to a shelter. Further there is no mention. As such handsome was thrown — a riddle difficult. Because in behavior Baron has no obvious defects. An ideal dog without any reefs. Absolutely contact with people, very kind, assidious, attentive, inquisitive, cheerful, playful, tender, gentle boy!


Барону about two years. The guy is completely healthy, castrated, accustomed to walking, is not malicious, does not require excessive attention, does not become impudent. All moderately! Only cats do not favor. Probably, hounds roots have an effect, feels certain superiority over fluffies.


Историю Baron we heard 100 vw in February, mentally wished it good luck, and today were pleasantly surprised. Baron found the family and the new house! The little boy was taken away by a large family. Mother with two teenagers and the small child, having seen Baron, could not sleep peacefully any more.


Взяв at children a plaintive strict promise to be responsible and to help completely with care and care of a dog, the family with a sinking heart arrived for Baron. This was love at first sight! It appeared, Baron also very much loves children. And them in family whole three. As all were lucky! To family for the fact that found the new member of household, naughty, beautiful, clever, devoted. And to Baron — for an opportunity to learn happy life, to show the most excellent qualities and to become the best friend to family. Happy life to you, handsome Baron!

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