• Jan 22, 2020

Every fifth British makes the vital decisions, walking with the dog. A half of all owners of dogs in Britain considers it ideal time to show attention to itself. More than a half of citizens of Her Majesty consider walk with a dog as a right moment for considering of everyday trifles.

Another 73% of respondents admitted that, walking with the pet, they reduce stress. Eight of ten manufacturers use walk to enjoy silence and rest. 97% reported that they like to walk with dogs. At the same time a quarter of respondents falls apart because walk will not take place.

"Walk with a dog is one of the most important duties of the owner. And though it first of all intends for the dog, many people derive from this benefit too", – Gemma Cunningham, the brand manager of the YuMOVE company conducting survey comments on a situation.

By calculations, average British carries out in a week eight thirty-minute walks with a dog.

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