• Aug 13, 2019

The Internet is full of announcements of photoshoots with exotic animals. If desired it is possible to make "mimishny" photos with birds, monkeys, young lions, tiger cubs, rysyata, bear cubs, a kangaroo, hyenas and other baby animals whom you will not meet on city streets. And, judging by the number of "businessmen", there is no release from clients. However whether this business and whether it is worth supporting it is so harmless?

 the Hedgehog for photo photoshoots

Photo: pixabay.com

From where exotic animals for photoshoots undertake?

Exotic animals for photoshoots can be bought in two ways: legally or to smuggle. In principle, the law is not prohibited to sell wild animals, and zoos or circuses sometimes offer animals for sale or for rent. But often animals for photoshoots are bought illegally and cross border smuggling – in the close containers and cages disguised under suitcases and thermoses. Many do not live up to arrival in the destination, perishing from thirst, hunger, the shortage of oxygen and narrowness.

Sometimes the business connected with photoshoots with exotic animals can even be covered with the sign of "shelters" or "the centers of the help to wild animals", positioning photoshoots as an opportunity to earn "on a forage". It would seem, than it is bad? First of all, the fact that these animals contain in, to put it mildly, unacceptable conditions.

As support exotic animals for photoshoots?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that any animal who is under the care of the person not important, there is it a cat, a dog or a leopard, have the right for respect for 5 freedoms . It is a necessary minimum which the owner is OBLIGED to provide – otherwise it has moral (and in many countries and legal) no right to support an animal. But life of prisoners (it is difficult to pick up other word), who are used for photoshoots, alas, is far not just from an ideal, but also from at least minimum acceptable conditions.

We will begin with obvious. Any who though something knows about animals, will tell that they (especially cubs) quickly enough are tired, including, of communication have to sleep and have a lot of an opportunity to do it in comfortable conditions. But when they spend the whole days among noise and din moreover constantly squeeze them, animals have the most severe stress which does not pass completely neither for mental, nor for physical health.

Hardly you strongly are surprised to
, having learned that the purpose of any business (photoshoots with animals not an exception) – to minimize expenses and to raise income. And the interests of animals here – on the last place.

Therefore animals are kept in close, often and dirty cages or open-air cages, badly fed and do not find it necessary to spend money for treatment – more favorable to buy new "model" instead of "polomaty". In the summer animals suffer from heat, and in the winter – from cold.

 the Monkey in a photo cage

On a photo: a monkey in a cage. Photo: pixnio.com

Besides, clients (especially children) not always think of live toys much. Especially small animals are not lucky: step on them, drop them or too strongly squeeze.

And that animals did not show aggression (in such conditions it is more than natural reaction!), to them inject sedative drugs that too has no positive impact on health.

Considering all this, the term of life of such "top models" is small and life similar existence to call difficult.

Where exotic animals for photoshoots disappear?

How fate of the animals used for photoshoots is?

The century of small animals is short: the stress and injuries lead to death and diseases and if they also endure a season, feed them to predators as the sick animal loses trade dress and on a photo looks absolutely not attractively.

And what with mimishny cubs of predators which, growing, become unnecessary? Neither the zoo, nor circus hurries to accept animals at such "businessmen", and an adult lion or a bear – not absolutely attractive model for a photoshoot.

"Photographers" do not extend to this subject and similar questions ignore. There are data that some of these animals (generally bear cubs or wolf cubs) get on pritravochny stations, and some are just killed to take new on their place.

What to do?

The law of business says: demand gives rise to the offer. And exit one: not to create demand on similar services.

Remember that, paying a photoshoot with exotic animals, the client makes a contribution to ill treatment of animals . And responsibility that this car mills lives lies partly and on clients. So the serious step which can be made – to stop to participate in similar actions and to refuse visits of contact zoos.

Many just do not think of that, this business is how cruel, and you can carry out "educational program" among the acquaintances that they knew what they subscribe for, posting "mimishny" photos embracing enotiky in social networks.

Eventually, once thinks of the health .

First, even despite tranquilizers with which stuff animals all of them can equally find forces and injure the person – not for rage, and from pain, fear and fatigue.

Secondly, from animals the set of diseases, including such dangerous as rage is transferred to the person. And references at those who offer photoshoots with exotic animals very often are counterfeit.

A what you think of photoshoots with exotic animals?

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