• Jan 15, 2020

Michele Moore always knew that her dogs Jake and Datchi – special, but she could not even imagine that they will once save it life.

Two weeks ago Michel and her young man Christopher Creech who live in Denvilla the State of Virginia, suddenly woke up from unexpected noise. The dog Jake, 11-year-old a shih-tzu whom they once saved jumped to them in a bed and began to bark without restraint.

"He barked without stopping, and then rose and seized my boyfriend by a beard and began to pull for it" — Michel tells. — "It never before it did."

Datch, the one-year-old Staffordshire terrier, began to bark too, thereby having forced owners to rise. At this moment they heard frightening sounds on the other hand of the house.

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"We heard sounds of the breaking boards as though someone tried to break a door the axe or something similar" — Michele told.

The young man jumped to go to understand in what business, and the girl remained in a bed.

"I sat just in panic" — Michele told. — "I understood that the conditioner ceased to work and all electricity was disconnected. And then I heard as water flows as if falls."

Suddenly Michele heard as Christopher something shouts from kitchen.

"He endlessly repeated: we need to leave urgently the house — it collapses" — Michel says. — "In a second I jumped and ran out from the bedroom, but understood that I forgot to put on glasses. I grabbed points and Jake's dog and ran out in a corridor."

The girl did not manage to leave far – the way to her was blocked by the fallen-off wall in a corridor.

"It was very badly visible" — Michel says — "but apparently, I crossed through a big hole when I ran. Otherwise I would fail to the cellar which was full of water. Water continued to arrive, destroying the house."

During all this turmoil Jake jumped out of Michele's hands and ran back to the bedroom. Datch, on the contrary, already ran out on the street and feverishly barked in the yard. The young man told Michele that they need to leave the house too, but the girl was not going to leave without Jake.

"I shouted to the guy: I cannot find Jake," — Michel tells. — "He managed to make the way somehow to the bedroom and hid under a bed. Having stopped vain attempts to force it to get out, we just had to pull out it from there."

Photo: thedodo.com

Anyway, all four managed to get out safely — and they made it just in time. Their house collapsed. Later they learned that the hurricane Florence became the reason of serious floods.

"We just stood and watched how water rises – its level grew more than by 9 meters" — Michel cannot still recover. — "We appeared in a trap. The road was washed out. I called service of rescue 911, and they directed to us fire crew."

Firefighters did not manage to reach down the river by the boat therefore two officers made the way through the wood and helped young people to be chosen to the safe place.

"It was just the nightmare" — Michel still shocked. — "Almost everything that to me it was expensive, disappeared … children's photos of my son, it is a lot of things of my father who died when I was 6 years old. It was really sick."

But also there are a lot of things that the girl is grateful to. The local man contacted them and suggested to live in his empty house free of charge. "We had time to get on feet" — Michele told. — "It was in our family way just rescue."

But the girl considers that the biggest rescue for them is Jake and Datchi who not only saved them life, but also help not to lose courage. Especially Datchi: he runs at once to the hostess as soon as she begins to cry.

"They follow me on heels, and it is very unusual for them" — Michel says. — "I am grateful to them and constantly I treat."

As a result the girl wrote a post about the event on Facebook in the closed Pittie Nation group for fans of pit bull terriers. The post gathered about 700 likes and hundreds of comments.

"Jake and Datchi — our heroes," — Michele is sure.

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