• Aug 13, 2019

From time to time some breeds of dog become extraordinary popular. For example, now continually it is possible to meet a beagle, huskies and a Jack Russell Terrier. And in huge degree the fashion for breeds of dog depends on cinema. It as one of the most expressive forms of art, it is capable to affect consciousness of people and to create mythology. And mythology often dangerous as many, buying "a dog as Hachiko", feel then disappointment. Why does that happen?

As the fashion for breeds of dog is connected with cinema

The remarkable movie "Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)" became the reason that much wanted to get of a wire-haired fox terrier . Why is also not present if the charming dog is shown in the movie very convenient in life and on travel? However in practice a fox terrier – not the so simple breed, and owners were cruelly disappointed that they palmed off on them the "rejected" doggies.

After a release of the movie of "the Adventure of the Electronic engineer" airdales without restraint became popular . And though the movie quite old, even now when I walk with the erdely, constantly I hear: "Oh, the Electronic engineer went!" And at some point airdales practically disappeared (having previously often tormented unlucky owners). Because it is quite peculiar dog. And though I, for example, adore them and I cannot present near myself the representative of any other breed (well unless "plus" to эрделю), almost everyone to take this breed I dissuade. Fortunately, now the people really in love with breed, but not in its screen image become their owners generally.

 the Airdale in the movie of the Adventure of the Electronic engineer of a photo

On a photo: an airdale as Ressi in the movie "Adventures of the Electronic Engineer". Photo: google

The movie "Lessi" became the reason of fashion for such breed of dog as a long-haired collie . However it turned out that collies in fact not just as showed at cinema. In particular, many dogs constantly ran from the owners who were not paying due attention to education and training of the pet.

The fashion for breed of dog a Jack Russell Terrier is alive still. In many respects it was promoted by the movie "Mask" where showed a small, bright and devoted doggie. However, having forgotten to specify that else this doggie needs quite decent loading – as physical, so intellectual. Otherwise they will cause many problems to owners, not ready to it.

 Russell a terrier in the movie by Musk of a photo

On a photo: a Jack Russell Terrier in the movie "Mask". Photo: google

After an exit to screens of the movie "101 dalmatians" in the beginning the fashion for this breed of dog sharply appeared, and then they also in large quantities began to fill shelters. It turned out that it is a dog with rather peculiar character, and it is not so simple to train them. And precisely it is not option especially for decoration of an interior. So though razvedenets exulted, responsible breeders of dalmatians had to eliminate packs potential buyers.

The series "Game of Thrones" are popular almost the same as the breed of dog huskies is popular . And get rid of them almost also in large quantities as in due time from dalmatians. As a result of fashion for this breed of dog and its consequences, creators and actors of series were forced to urge public not to buy huskies, previously without having considered properly this decision.

Not to consider the number of movies where it is possible to see the clever and "self-trained" in German shepherd . To take at least series "Commissioner Rex" . Naive owners are convinced that it is worth taking such dog, and she even does not need to be trained – she is clever ! And, having neglected education of the pet, as a result receive a trusovaty and/or aggressive dog with whom cannot cope.

Admirers of the touching movie "Hachiko" rushed to buy dogs of breed an Akita to Ying in hope to find the loyal friend who will forever and unconditionally give them the heart. And received large, self-sufficient and independent dogs with whom it is not so simple to interact.

 the Akita to Ying in the movie by Hachiko of a photo

On a photo: an Akita to Ying in the movie "Hachiko". Photo: google

The fashion for breeds of dog did not pass also of a beagle – the hero of a set of movies, including of "A dog against cats" . Besides, at beagles such charming ears and sad eyes! Nothing that the beagle is a hound which needs a lot of movement and which is quite capable to throw you on walk, having been fond of an interesting smell. And also with enthusiasm (if you do not satisfy her requirement ) making significant changes to an interior of your apartment.

However, is movies where the breed of a dog is shown more or less truthfully.

For example, in Beethoven showed saliva and dirt which such dogs as a St. Bernard can "produce". However dirt and huge bags with a forage – not the so main difficulties at the maintenance of these giants. It is quite difficult to grow up a St. Bernard to avoid problems with health, and to keep such dog in the small-sized city apartment – torture both for the pet, and for owners.

"A gauze and I" perfectly represent of a Labrador in all his beauty. Yes, it is magnificent partners, but not such convenient as it is possible to see in many other movies and in advertizing.

"Year of a dog" (the movie of production of the USA) remarkably illustrates what the dog of breed of a Border Collie is capable of if not to find for it enough time and attention.

 the Border Collie in the movie Year of a dog of a photo

On a photo: a Border Collie in the movie "Year of a Dog". Photo: google

Why the fashion for breeds of dog and what it threatens animals with is formed

People seek to be allocated, on the one hand, and with another – to swim with the current fashion. And purchase of fashionable breed of a dog – one of ways to satisfy this requirement.

On the other hand, good movies cause strong emotions. And these emotions contact a concrete image of breed of a dog. So people try also to get this emotion "in continuous use".

It would seem, the fashion for thoroughbred dogs has to do well to breed, popularizing it. However it not so. Fashion for breed of a dog – a bad dream of the responsible manufacturer. There are many unlucky owners who did not calculate the forces, having given in to a general agiotage. And also and sold a huge number of the razvedenets who are not caring at all for quality of dogs who are allowed in cultivation. And the breed, alas, instead of prospering, often degenerates.

Besides, the fashion is changeable, and we buy a dog for many years. Also we cannot hang up in a case as the bothered dress. However, many get rid of the "favourites" which got out of fashion in other ways, and it is very sad subject.

Whatever good and touching was the movie, it always – only illusion of reality, but not reality. Reliability of cinema – not what first of all his creators care for.

It is natural to admire and empathize dogs in movies. But to make such serious decision as the choice of breed a dog with whom you should live many years on the basis of illusory representations – to put it mildly, shortsightedly, and even it is dangerous.

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