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Since the 15th century counts Solloguby whose coat of arms was decorated by a lion owned the town of Ivenets. The element removed on a modern city emblem, but with small difference.

Municipal coat of arms Ivenets

On city it "arising" (that is only the top part of an animal is visible) and is turned to the right, and on patrimonial – "growing" (the lion is represented on a belt too, but at the same time he "grows up" because of edge of other figure) and is turned to the left.

Coat of arms Sollogubov

It is stale is known as the residence of one of the most powerful families of Belarus – Radzivillov therefore at a modern emblem of the city there is an element of their patrimonial coat of arms – a black eagle. The bird became attribute of a sort in 1547 when Nikolay Radzivill Cherny received a title of the Prince of the Sacred Roman Empire. It is stale received the coat of arms 40 years later and is a historical and heraldic monument to Belarus.

In 2001 the modern option of the coat of arms of the ancient city of Slutsk was approved. On it the mythical being – a Pegasus is represented. Its distinctive feature – existence of a red cover with the gold monogram of "RD". This reduction from "Radivil Dux" ( of armor. , the prince Radzivill) in the memory of historical owners of the city.

On the modern coat of arms of Old Roads the hypocentaur as Golshanskiye's princes were one of the first owners of the city is represented. On their patrimonial coat of arms the hypocentaur (centaur) – mythical creation, the semi-person semi-horse was represented too.

Municipal coat of arms Old Roads
Coat of arms of a family of Golshansky

The city of Cherven received the coat of arms from Catherine II, and then it was known under the name Abbot. As the city was famous for honey and was the third county on the number of beehives, five bees became decoration of an emblem of the city. In heraldry these insects – a symbol of diligence and diligence.

Other coats of arms of the Minsk region with the image of animals
Municipal coat of arms Lyuban

Berezino Municipal coat of arms

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