• Oct 1, 2019

Why on the coat of arms Klimovichey the bee, and a wolf on mstislavsky not gray, but red is represented? Answers in article about heraldry of the Mogilev region.

The coat of arms Klimovichey and Klimovichsky district treats historical and heraldic monuments to Belarus and was approved as Catherine II when the city was a part Russian empires after the section of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. As the central figure the bee "… as a sign of abundance by honey" was chosen. Besides, the insect has also symbolical value and personifies diligence, chastity and life in consent with the installed state system.

On the modern coat of arms of Mstislavl the red wolf is represented. The animal appeared on an emblem after accession of the city to the Russian Empire. However initially it was not the wolf, but a fox as they were found in the neighborhood of the city much. The wolf is for the first time mentioned only in documents of the beginning of the 20th century therefore the modern coat of arms — symbiosis of heraldry of different years.

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