• Feb 6, 2020
in the Winter cold evening owners of a private shelter situated near Moscow for dogs were terrified by

from unclear squeals. Cries were such compassionate that it was necessary to react immediately. Through a fence of nursery was 5 sick puppies are thrown. On them there was no live place. The half-dead exhausted kids with the last bit of strength asked for mercy.

Owners took away having a tail, long observed and found out what happened to them. Puppies had the whole bunch of diseases: a general malaise, malnutrition, worms, fleas, infections — not to count everything. On puppies literally there was no live place … Animals were exhausted.

On all little bodies of kids there was a terrible itch, everything is torn apart till it bleeds. For painless processing skin was not also a piece. Even on eyelashes skin was covered with wounds. Who brought animals to it a state, it was not clear. But it is obvious: someone knew about existence of nursery and just threw out to manufacturers of kids. Animals were scared to death. Processing frightened them even more. It was succeeded to cope with all-consuming fear somehow, animals processed, fed and gave to drink, gave them the necessary medicines.

Besides from critical condition, it is remarkable here that in this story. The first that was evident to owners of nursery — non-standard appearance of puppies! So amusing animals turned out. Sometimes you will look and you do not understand, whether it is valid cubs of dogs, whether these are fictional characters from movies, small the chertyat or unknown small animals?

Fluffy gray lumps with the big direct pointed ears, and muzzles all to uniform as if became soft in soot or fuel oil: nose and eyes of black-black color. Echoes of a malinu! From them just it is impossible to look away. Will bewitch any!

On rehabilitation of such unusual kids several weeks left. It left very expensive for nursery. But what you will make, for the sake of such dog children. Tails slowly began to adapt. The appetite woke up, the dream got better, leather began to live, infections and worms were defeated.

Did to children vaccination, created passports. Eyes of puppies lit up, they had a hope for good life. Three boys and two girls are ready to meet everyone the owner, same unusual, but very cheerful and kind!

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