• Aug 13, 2019

Now speak about the ethic clothes and footwear that is created without infliction of harm to living beings and ecology more and more. Also there was even … footwear from plants! Of what plants do do boots?

Footwear from a Coffee Thick of a Photo

On a photo: footwear from coffee. Photo: google.by

Footwear from plants: fairy tale or быль?

It seems, improbable, but footwear from plants already exists. And such plants which you would not guess for anything are used!

  1. Mango . One of the Dutch companies began to release the footwear made of mango.
  2. Coffee . The processed coffee thick became material for creation of sneakers. This is a child of the German company founded by Sebastian Tis. In any case, footwear consists of coffee half. Other 50% of material are the processed plastic bottles. The sole is made of rubber, and antibacterial insoles – of a stopper. By the way, before the company became famous for the fact that footwear from "skin" … released of mushrooms !
  3. Corn . Yes, there are Reebok sneakers from corn. Also at production of this footwear cotton was used. And insoles in them from castor soy oil. Representatives of the company assure that durability of this footwear can only envy. Also Reebok develops the biodegrading footwear. That is if sneakers become useless, they can be dug, without being afraid to do harm to the environment.
  4. Hemp . The Ukrainian company supplies the gym shoes made of hemp to the market. Glue and other chemical compounds in production were not used.
  5. And other plants . The British company Noonesskin submitted to the judgement of the public the footwear made in exclusively eco-friendly way – from plants and the processed plastic bottles.
As you can see, appears more and more options for those for whom not only the wellbeing of animals, but also ecology is not indifferent. And it cannot but please!

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