• Jan 15, 2020

All who ever had to share a workplace with a cat and furthermore with several, know that it happens not easy.

Many quadrupeds will not miss chance to play with pencils, to sit on the keyboard and in the principle to prevent to work to the owner in all possible ways.

 a cat, a table, a cat on a table, a cat photo: people.com

the Company from Hong Kong thought up the decision – a unique table which will allow the owner to work and will become for a cat the real paradise.

This table is cut out from an integral piece of a tree and from within represents set of small tunnels, passes and a peshcherok while the top part of a table absolutely equal and is convenient for work.

 cat, table, desktop, cat photo: people.com
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A when owner the house, it will be interesting to cat to investigate a table independently.

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