• Sep 20, 2019

At all not all heroes wear raincoats, some are dressed in a usual helmet and a working vest. The employee of the huge telecommunication company by the name of Maurice was such hero.

At the height of the working day Maurice was called by his uneasy neighbors. They strongly worried about the cat who, having got on a high telephone column, could not go down from it already 12 hours in a row.

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photo: boredpanda.com

Owners of the poor creature contacted all possible services – firefighters, rescuers of animals, other organizations, but nobody could help them. However Maurice did not refuse to neighbors and came to the rescue to them together with the working equipment which very much was useful in a difficult situation.

The heroic act of Maurice was removed on video which already scattered on all Internet. However it got and into hands of the company for which Maurice works.

And instead of taking an opportunity and to thank the employee for free advertizing, the company caused a great lot of negative emotions in users from around the world, having stated that Maurice is threatened by discharge from duties.

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photo: boredpanda.com

To help the man to endure dismissal, for it even created a page on which more than one hundred people supported him financially.

Here so the good deed turned back unpleasant consequences for the brave man. Let's hope that Maurice will quickly find new work and will never regret about the choice thanks to which it was succeeded to save life.

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