• Nov 17, 2018

of the Company care for you and your pets therefore use only environmentally friendly materials and the professional equipment in the production.

Houses for Your Pets

The companies combine three main directions in the activity:

The ZOO direction – Houses for your pets. It is the widest range of various constructions for domestic and wild animals which you will be able to examine in our catalog.

Houses for Your Pets

First of all it is of course such necessary for any four-footed boxes and open-air cages. The box is a fortress for your dog, and it means, she has to be warm, strong and of course darling. We learned to combine all these qualities with excellent design to please not only a canine friend, but also his owner.

We offer dogs boxes, cats boxes, the warmed boxes, boxes with heating, exclusive boxes, boxes on the individual project, dogs enclosures, cages for birds, hen houses, livestock shelters, Levada for horses, the stable and many other things. Besides we did not forget also about the smallest of doggies and we can offer exclusive lodges for Yorkshire terriers and other small doggies (production with use of your material and according to your sketches is possible.)

Houses for Your Pets

Also we take orders for production of arenas and maternity lodges for puppies. Arenas – ideal option for keeping of little puppies in the house, they allow to create on the one hand comfort and a cosiness for a little puppy where they on the closed space will be its toilet, toys and a laying, and with another to protect it from external dangers. Our arenas are easy in installation, cleaning, are reliable and durable, can be executed with height of a side convenient to you and folding doors.

Now it is more and more people to seek to get not only habitual doggies and cats, but also various wild and exotic animals. Our task to make so that to each pet it was cozy and comfortable, and he felt care of himself, heat and caress. He is a member of your family too … Among our works there were already exclusive lynx, wolves enclosures which successfully continue to be operated.

Houses for Your Pets

Farm buildings – one more activity of the companies includes production and construction of various designs from metal and a tree for dachas and private houses.

to your attention we bring to

a wide range of products which will make stay on the seasonal dacha, whether it be rest or work, comfortable, will give joy and pleasure.

The children's gaming equipment – for you and your children is offered a wide choice of the gaming equipment from a tree: children's sandboxes, playgrounds, children's lodges, hills, swing, etc. All our products are manufactured taking into account state standard specifications, and undergo obligatory certification. It is interesting to us that children in modern society had an opportunity to play the active kind developing games. We apply all our forces, knowledge and experience for creation of the positive, friendly and bright atmosphere at the playground.

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