• Apr 29, 2020

for a long time. Men, walking on the wood near the route, could hear among every minute passing cars, the squeal of a dog asking about the help. The dog lay in a concrete pipe which serves as a drain on the paved way. The cold wet dirty pipe was the only shelter which the covered with wounds dog could find.

Eyewitnesses were strongly surprised how in general the animal could survive. The dog could not move, he hardly moved with a trunk. On the first external inspection serious injury of a backbone, strong exhaustion and exhaustion was observed. Most likely, he was hit by the car flying at a huge speed. Nobody intended to help a dog therefore the animal decided to save itself and ran away to the quiet place that it did not get even more.


Находка a dog is a real miracle. There was a wish to call him the Lucky to all who learned about this story. The kid was really lucky. It was necessary to exist in such conditions with such injuries to him not for long. After its detection and transportation in hospital, physicians confirmed: at a dog multiple fractures, bruises and grazes. The lucky had to worry not only fatal accident, but also the most difficult operation. Now all the most terrible behind. Yes, his pads are not perfect. They are still very weak and visually a little deformed. But it does not prevent it to move, celebrate quietly need and is iridescent to wag a tail. And he so diligently shows everything that coped, is on the mend that will not be a burden for the owner. It is touching and sad at the same time.

The lucky with huge hope looks in the face on everyone who approaches his open-air cage. He so waits that once someone will warm it and will take under the aegis forever. Very contact, understanding everything, tender, playful, kind boy is ready to fall in love, give everything in exchange on sincere care and caress. After the so many endured shocks, he was so tired to be one and to cope with adversities without support and a tender word. He just wants to live normal happy life of a tail. Well unless he did not deserve it?!

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