• Dec 30, 2020

tiny found This on the street. The compact mongrel would be not remarkable if not one "but". At a dog the most terrible tumor in a groin was formed. The huge outgrowth hanged down up to a floor. Externally resembled the skin bag which lowered air which the dog with great difficulty and pain dragged every day for herself.

In such state the girl existed, probably, long. The tumor grew to the huge sizes. And when it was already impossible to look at the pet, decided to save the baby. Brought to a clinic, surveyed, appointed operation on removal of a tumor, and in addition not to torment a dog with an anesthesia twice, decided to sterilize.


Единственное that did not manage to make, think up a nickname to the baby yet. But this privilege decided to leave it to future parents whom the girl after rehabilitation will soon look for. The girl is worthy any praises, modest, reserved, tender and very friendly will become the excellent friend to sincere kind persons.

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