• Jan 24, 2020

In the British town of Northamptonshir the one-year-old Alaskan malamute of Torahs twice in a quarter bit neighbors of the owner. However instead of lulling a dog as orders "The law on dangerous dogs" (Dangerous Dogs Act), the local police gave to the fellow one more chance. As the staff of specialized department of police on work with dogs of Police's Dog Section found out, the malamute was not properly trained and socialized.

of the Photo: bbc.com

Having withdrawn a dog from the owner, police officers transferred her to the center for finding of new owners. There the dog has to be trained how to behave in the company of people. Then to an animal will pick up more responsible owner. As for former owners the Torah, they were found guilty of inadequate behavior of a dog and sentenced to public works for 12 months. In addition to them within five years forbade to hold domestic dogs.

Due to the event, the employee of nursery EVA Horn noted:

U the Torah, of course, opportunities was not correct to begin the life. Nobody invested in it money that he could become a family dog, undergo training and socialization. But we will try to do everything possible that Torahs could find family in which will become the worthy member of society.

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