• Dec 18, 2020

of Gaby was the most imperceptible mongrel. Fragile, small, defenseless imperceptibly was born and also imperceptibly lived life, without disturbing anybody. It strayed on narrow quiet streets of the bedroom community in search of scraps and a warm corner. And once she was lucky. The elderly woman took pity on Gaby, sheltered the pet.


И, it seems, the bad patch in life of a dog had to will end. Some time Gaby was really happy. The woman had one more pet, an age poodle. There was the real close-knit family, but it had a sad final. The woman died of a serious illness in the face of own pets, having left finally only an illusive mark of once strong and close-knit family. Pets were is forced to leave the house and to begin search of new life.

Gaby was necessary to say goodbye not only to the hostess, the favourite house, but also to the devoted fellow with whom she shared a shelter several happy years. Each of pets was divided and him was the different destiny is prepared. Gaby was so betrayed to the hostess, lovely, kind, tender what there was no wish to leave her alone with the grief and loneliness. Especially Gaby underwent a heavy operation on removal of tumors of mammary glands. The girl endured a number of surgical interventions and at first she needed the increased care.
to the aid responded the most sympathetic volunteer. With all this, rehabilitation physical and sincere, it copes grandly and very patiently.


Но this care temporary. Gaby looks for the constant house. She is very good dog. It is accustomed to walking and the frequent forced finding of one. Loves the person and without him does not represent the life. Kind, friendly with all, fragile and defenseless categorically needs the best friend, itself with pleasure will be that for the person. Gaby looks for the house!

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