• Sep 12, 2019

I am engaged a mastiff frisbee since 2015. Now I train with two dogs: Jack Russell Terrier Greta and veymaraner Ira. With Greta we began to be engaged from 3 months, and now in her – 2.5 years. Ira – not such experienced athlete – she is engaged in frisbee about half a year.

We perform with Greta already at the international level. First ours "the exit tournament" was held a year ago, it was the Championship of Russia on Dog-Frisbi of 2016. Since then we visited Ukraine 2016 Championship, then frisbee-batle in Moscow on Eurasia, in Kiev on the Spring Cup 2017, and At last in the Championship of Russia on Dog-Frisbi of 2017. From the majority of tournaments we came back with awards, and on the Ukrainian Cup we with Greta in general became the most titled couple of a tournament and took the first prize.

we Will begin with a simple question: why frisbee?

The main advantage of frisbee is that it is possible to be engaged independently. And it is not necessary to go on specially equipped platforms, that platform which is suffices: a scrap of a grass of 5 by 5 m in size, a clearing in the forest or a lawn on the seasonal dacha. On any platform will be over what to work, for daily trainings there is no need for the ideal huge field. The main thing that soil was safe for occupations. The frisbee freestyle is a complex from different throws and tricks so sometimes it is possible to be engaged even indoors. But throws on range require, of course, a big field – about 100 meters.

 catches a plate On a photo: frisbee for dogs

As you came to this sport?

In my case everything occurred spontaneously. When we the first time went to a training, I did not even represent, than we will be engaged and that represents frisbee. Videla of the photo and unreal videos on the Internet – and on it my knowledge came to an end. It was represented to me that just there will be a lot of dogs to whom throw plates. I did not even suspect that the frisbee needs to study that there is a system of training not only for a dog, but also for the person – at it the correct equipment of a be throw has to.

And what changed since then?

We with Greta began to train, visit various competitions and seminars, to study information on the Internet. I began to hold trainings and to train beginners. At the same time I continue to train with Greta and Ira, constantly I improve the skills, there is no limit to perfection.

 shows tricks

And of what progress of the pets you can brag?

We act so successfully that we collected the whole "wall of glory". Even it is difficult to me to count our awards. And this with the fact that in Belarus there is no division on growth, and tiny Greta should sustain the competition, for example, to larger and high-speed Border Collies.

Yes, Greta more slowly than large dogs, but we are worked, we are team, and I know, how exactly it is necessary to perform with this dog. Each athlete has to consider features of a dog with whom performs, work of couple has to be harmonious and coordinated. If the person performs with a new dog, is difficult – nevertheless it is necessary to get used to a dog, and foreign dog will not always begin to listen to the new person.

My pupils act quite successfully too, take prizes and step to us on heels.

 competitions on a mastiff frisbee

What is represented by competitions on a mastiff of frisbee?

Frisbee competitions include several disciplines. As an example it is possible to consider Russia 2017 Championship.

In the first day we competed in discipline throws on accuracy . The marking of 45х18 meters divided into cages is in the field put, and each cage is estimated at a certain number of points. The most expensive section – the most distant on the center. Competitions are held in 2 rounds, each participant is given 1.5 minutes. 5 best throws in each tour are set off, and the winner is determined by the largest sum of balls.

Then passed of Bullsay . Circles are lined, you stand in the center and throw a disk into two parties. The dog has to catch one disk, quickly and accurately to be developed, bear it back and to catch the second. There is a dirty trick: the dog has to be able to switch to different disks and to precisely inform of a disk the handler, otherwise couple spends time for return of a disk.

In the second day throws on range were carried out by and of frisbee freestyle .

In throws on range 3 attempts are given and the best throw is set off. With Greta our result was 45 meters, it is very good result! Earlier my "record" was about 35. Besides it is difficult to Greta to catch up with disks on such distance, the speed of a disk is higher, than the speed of a crumb-dzhek-rassela of 28 cm in withers.

Most of all attention we pay frisbee freestyle, and went for the sake of it as in Belarus there are difficulties with this discipline: we have no qualified judges whom the freestyle requires even 4.

 occupations on a mastiff frisbee with a vemaraner On a photo: frisbee for dogs

But something becomes in Belarus in this direction?

Of course. For example, this year competitions, but as there are no judges were organized, it was necessary to invite judges from Russia (they judged by video).

We make the calendar of rating disciplines for a year, and for 1 season 8 competitions are held. And our local competitions are organized at quite high level, and it is pleasant.

As a rule, competitions bring together about 30 - 40 couples of participants. The fact that the popularity of frisbee grows pleases: this year the number of participants in comparison with last year increased several times, many beginners with dogs of the most different sizes, age and breeds appeared.

The next competitions on a mastiff frisbee will take place on September 24! You watch the poster on our website.

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