• Jan 15, 2020

This hedgehog by nickname Baer at all also does not look as a hedgehog. And all because it practically has no needles: they dropped out.

In the center of rescue of animals of Baer was brought by the person who did not suspect to what being it helps.

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Veterinarians assume that the hedgehog lost needles owing to a severe stress. Most likely, ear pincers became the reason of a stress. The assumption was also made that insects caused it such strong discomfort that Baer left seasonal hibernation ahead of time. All these factors led to the most severe stress and loss of needles.

the Manager of the center says

: "I work here 10 years, and I had to see 6 or 7 hedgehogs with rather strong damages. But I see so serious case for the first time. Some of hedgehogs with whom we worked in the past lost up to 65-70% of needles, and Baer, apparently, lost up to 97%".

 a hedgehog, a hedgehog without needles, a hedgehog photo: metro.co.uk

When brought a poor hedgehog in the center, he was madly hungry. It was given a cat's forage which he instantly swallowed then he drank about 4 more minutes almost without stopping.

"It unambiguously was a hedgehog, big by the size, as it has a lot of excess skin. Means, he strongly lost weight before got to the center".

will show consideration for Baer very much Now and to help it to grow needles that, according to veterinarians, surely happens. Every day skin of a hedgehog is massed with gel scarlet belief that strengthens blood circulation and helps growth of needles. Weekly he is bathed with antibacterial shampoo to calm skin.

 a hedgehog, a hedgehog without needles, a hedgehog of the house photo: metro.co.uk

Baer should live In such mode still on average 4 months then he will be let out back in the wild nature.

not to become attached to animals who get to the center employees usually do not name them. However with Baer all of them made an exception, he will stay with them a lot of time, besides he is extraordinary lovely.

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