• Nov 23, 2018


the Last several days the Instagram "blows up" a hashtag "#собаки_из_теплиц". Many not indifferent responded to calls for help to the dogs who were in an imprisonment on agricultural firm in the settlement of Ostrovtsy of Ramensky district.
Photo: instagram.com/vassilisapremudraya
Is a hothouse complex in the territory of which Vietnamese illegally work, and, according to locals, there was a huge number of the tamed and stray dogs.


Contained they in awful conditions, on the chains tied to trees and cars.
Photo: instagram.com/vassilisapremudraya
For what purpose they were there, nobody knows. And why Vietnamese needed these dogs, it is only possible to guess. Today all dogs are saved and are in safety on overexposures. Large dogs (alaba, sennenhunds and mongrels), dirty and frightened, appear, already also did not hope for rescue.
Photo: instagram.com/vassilisapremudraya
Thanks to reposts in social networks, to volunteers and zoodefenders, ordinary people and their participation was succeeded to save more than 40 dogs.
Photo: instagram.com/vassilisapremudraya
We will follow the developments
also the fate of unfortunate animals because despite all horror, dogs all the same trust the Person.
Video: instagram.com/vassilisapremudraya



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