• Aug 13, 2019

Liver pate of foie gras costs much. However all it is an animal more expensive. From where does foie gras and what its true price undertake?

 Ducks on a photo farm

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The person uses animals throughout all the history including as a food source. Ethics of consumption in food of living beings – a subject separate. But the rule acts on a present stage of development of human society: even if the person uses animals, he has no moral right to torment them . And the concept of five freedoms was developed not only for satisfaction of needs of pets, but also for animals who live on farms. Including for those animals who are grown up on meat.

But how there live ducks and geese whose of liver they receive foie gras? The shortest answer: in continuous, continuous tortures. And about any observance at least one of five freedoms obligatory for all, does not go also speeches.

The matter is that the liver is the biggest body of a metabolism in an organism of warm-blooded living beings and can process proteins, fats and sugar in a large number and also to bring substances, poisonous for it, out of an organism. When possibilities of a liver reach a limit, in its cages fat collects, and it increases in sizes. It is also necessary for producers of foie gras.

That it occurred, ducks and geese are kept in close shelters (and even in the suspended bags) and three times a day forcibly fed – not just feed, and practically filled food in the quantity by 10 (!) times exceeding norm. A way of feeding terrible, it often leads to a rupture of a craw and a stomach.

Veterinarians demonstrate that after a while birds lose ability is independently, they have pneumonia and infectious diseases and suffer from constant anguish which can be characterized as "intolerable". So if 50 percent of birds live up to a slaughter, it is considered good result.

Sagination duration – about 1 month, and a liver of an unfortunate bird during this time reaches the huge size, exceeding norm by 6 – 12 times. And this in itself causes to geese and ducks incredible sufferings.

Not without reason as production of foie gras was opposed by many famous people some of which were not vegetarians at all. One of founders of ethology, the Nobel Prize laureate Conrad Lorentz wrote that production of foie gras - "shame for Europe". The Pope Benedict XVI said that the similar attitude towards animals breaks the bible principles. Hilton hotels stated that in their menu foie gras is excluded. And Brigitte Bardot, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Roger Moore urged to refuse this dish.

according to the center of protection of the rights of animals of Vit, now the main producers of foie gras – France (the permanent leader), Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain and China.

However is also of the country which forbade to produce foie gras . It is Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Finland, Argentina, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Israel. As for the USA, production of foie gras is forbidden in Chicago and California.

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