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of the Cat are the most popular pets differing in willfulness and pride, grace and interesting habits. Predatory mammals were considered by biologists as a separate look earlier, but then carried them to forest animals.

Animal Cats

There are several versions of that from whom there were cats. Distinguish from them evolutionary, religious and space.

Domestication of animals

The first people did not lead a settled life, they wandered from one place on another. But then they began to be engaged in agriculture, to grow up crops and to tame wild animals. Cats protected grain and escapes from rodents and birds, they did not bring any trouble upon ancestors.

Domestic Cats

Territories in which chronicles mentions of mammals remained :

  • South America;
  • Central Europe — the earth of modern Italy;
  • China;
  • Thailand;
  • Central and South Africa.

According to history, the origin of animals belongs to times B.C. 12 million more years in South America hunted BC jaguars, cheetahs, in the territory of modern Central Europe lynxes and lions lived, and in China primitive people were frightened by tigers. From them smaller cats also appeared.

The first representatives of family of mammals — are kreodonta . They are those ancestors from whom there were domestic cats. Animals lived on Earth more than 50 million years ago, exceeded dimensions even tigers. From them there were cheetahs, lynxes and lions. The millennia formed genotypes of modern pets.

Ancient ancestors

Ancestor of Cats Kreodont

Some scientists mark out the African red long-legged cat as the first ancestor of a pet. She differed in a long muzzle, a narrow body, small specks and a striped color. The predator is similar to the modern pet the structure of a skeleton and volume of a skull.

The Indian steppe cat, Asian Bengalese, wood American are also considered as pet prototypes. A present ocelot and магот also easily give in to training, quickly get used to a way of life of the person. But it is necessary to support them in house conditions since the childhood, otherwise wild instincts will not allow a cat to get used to the closed space and constant to accommodation among people.

In the territory of modern Russia the first representatives of cat's appeared in the seventh century. The first descriptions of pets found in the documents dated the 11th century.

They were delivered to the country by foreign seafarers, sold to curious merchants and prosperous citizens as rodents hunters. People quickly got used to new pets, entrusted them barns with grain crops. On a legend, Peter I so fell in love with animals that he gave them the status of inviolable.


and sphinxes

Siamese Cat

Biologists studied that from where domestic cats of Siamese breed appeared. For the first time they were noticed in Thailand in an interval between 1350 and 1750. It were thoroughbred predators, the person had no relation to their emergence.

The writing of the 19th century already contains insignificant information on representatives of siam. They lived in Buddhist temples, were considered as sacred animals. Cats of the house were might support only by priests and royalties.

The appearance of bald cats at first frightened off people. The unusual physiology seemed strange and mysterious. But at animals very gentle disposition, they quickly become attached to the owner, obey him and do not remember offense. These qualities sphinxes subdued the person.

The first descriptions of naked pets meet at Aztecs. Their homeland — that place from where there were cats of this breed. Bald kittens often appeared at ordinary animals. But people considered them sick or underdeveloped therefore at once destroyed.

Began to part sphinxes specially only since 1966. One Canadian had a naked kitten at home, and the owner decided to leave it. It was called the Prut, grown up and coupled with an ordinary cat. As a result of crossing ordinary and bald animals were born , then coupled only sphinxes and brought them to the fact that they ceased to produce pets with wool. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that naked cats appeared owing to a usual mutation.

Nonconventional versions

Mammals of cat's family were always considered as mysterious and mysterious animals. Therefore people built different guesses about that from where a genus of a cat.

Mythical Value of Cats in Ancient Egypt

the Majority of versions were fantastic :

  • bible;
  • alien;
  • the Egyptian;
  • lunar.

In the Bible there is a legend of appearance of the first cats . When God decided to destroy all mankind and sent forty-day heavy rain to Earth, he saved the righteous person Noya and all his family. Domestic cats at that time did not exist yet. The old man constructed an ark on which he collected on couple of all animals and birds, enough food and water for livelihood.

But rodents began to destroy these stocks, people could die of hunger. God saw it and decided to save the last representatives of mankind. In a dream he was I Ache and ordered it to rub a nose of a lion. The old man obeyed the creator, stroked a predator. Near an animal the cat appeared. She could not kill rodents as them was only on two each views. But the pet drove away them from grain crops and vegetables.

Cats were very much esteemed by ancient Egyptians. They hailed an animal of Saints, represented them on tombs, walls of temples and pyramids. There is a version according to which pets arrived from other planets to this country. It were bald cats who supported telepathic — mental — communication with residents of Ancient Egypt.

In the myth the fact that one such animal walked on the wood is specified and met a wild shaggy mammal. Predators fell in love each other, and the alien cat did not begin to return home to herself, she remained with the partner. The family had fluffy kittens who became ancestors of modern animals.

Legends of Origin of Cats

The Egyptian Pharaoh Ekhnaton considered himself the son Boga of the Sun, and called cats the stepbrothers. Now this version seems unreal, but even Pythagoras claimed that it is truthful. And Platon said that the Moon is the place where the first cats appeared. For this reason phases of a star influence on their behavior, and animals well see in the dark and lead a nocturnalism.

Blessed Augustine called the birthplace of pets of a star on which soul of the person after death departs. God sent a cat to a way back and allocated her with abilities to see and communicate with spirits. Therefore predators can sit for hours, peering into emptiness or to battle against invisible opponents.

The fantastic origin to cats is attributed because of their unusual character and habits. Frequent changes of mood, strange behavior, grace and elegance can demonstrate presence of alien force at a body and consciousness of an animal. In ancient times did not know about evolution, so from where cat family predators still could undertake.

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