• May 11, 2020

this fluffy baby has no name. The adult ten-year-old girl is observed by a local shelter. Here she got after long years of wanderings. a fluffy, the eight-year-old boy, her best friend, much to regret of all, died. The father of the teenager did not want to keep a dog. So a fluffy was on street.

Long cold evenings she just survived. Looked for the garbage remains, the thrown-out scraps or just enjoyed rare entertainments of passersby. Spent the night where it was necessary: cellars, utility rooms, the abandoned houses, but most often — the cold chilled earth. Sometimes a fluffy met the relatives, as a result of these meetings she gave birth to puppies whom she could not support. They or perished, or they were ruined by people, or they dispersed in free floating.


Жизнь a fluffy and would proceed on garbage cans and dumps if it was not noticed by not indifferent passersby. They delivered a dog in a shelter. And the state at that time terrified her. The dog had an extreme extent of defeat by parasites. On her skin dermatitis developed. From stings of fleas on a body tens of infected suppurating wounds were found. The dog was exhausted. Time was required to put the poor fellow in order. Now the full, clean, happy girl waits for new family. She is very kind also sociable, cheerful and active, despite the ten-year age. A part of someone's family is ready to become.

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