• Jan 22, 2020

of Alabay the Inguri got to a shelter a 9-month-old puppy because of problems with back pads. Curators believed: there will be a miracle, and this dog after all will become domestic.

To the Inguri doctors gave term to live no more than two years. At it the genetic disease – the Wobbler syndrome is revealed. It is congenital anomaly of development of a backbone. Because the spinal cord is squeezed, at a dog the raskoordination of movements, uncertain gait is observed, the tone of muscles and reflexes is reduced.

, pet, street Photo: instagram.com/alabai_hope_of_life

For this reason owners refused the Inguri. When it got to a shelter, badly went. Doctors frightened by full paralysis and did not give to the guy more than two years of life.

The volunteer Valeria who looked after a dog very much wanted that the Inguri became house and spent time allowed to it in love and care. She believed that this huge snow-white joker will surely win someone's heart.

The girl on pages in social nets posted from time to time the Balu's photo as she tenderly called the huge dog similar to a bear. And always honestly wrote about its problems.

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Photo: instagram.com/alabai_hope_of_life

But here that surprisingly. Despite the frightening diagnosis, the worst symptoms of a disease in two years were not shown. On the contrary, thanks to frequent long walks and constant physical activities of the movement of the Inguri became much surer. It with pleasure runs, plays a ball and, apparently, is ready to demolish everything that occurs at it in the path.

The dog was one and a half years in a shelter. To it X-ray and MRT were made. The Inguri completely surveyed. Came to a conclusion: the genetic disease is expressed at a dog in weak degree. It can quietly live up to an old age and die absolutely for other reason.

But, despite the encouraging news which Valeria shared with the subscribers of persons interested to take away to itself this huge unconditional happiness was not.

And here, at last, the bear of the Inguri was noticed by spouses Svetlana and Vyacheslav. Also took away to the big cozy house. At first for a trial period, and then and forever.

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Photo: instagram.com/alabai_hope_of_life

It seems that the dog accustomed to new conditions. And now gets used to a role of the senior child in family. You represent how it will be exciting grow to the kid under protection of such strong and courageous brother!

Look what lovely video new owners of the Inguri share.

Video: instagram.com/alabai_hope_of_life/

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