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Grieve cats? Whether 5 ways to help the pet to endure loss of the friend having a tail are Grieved by cats? The answer unambiguously "yes" and we know several ways to help your favourite to endure loss of the friend, whether it be other cat or even the person.

Whether cats grieve? Very long time ago, when keeping of animals only became a habit of people, only the few, including veterinarians, believed that cats can grieve on the died friends. But times changed. In 1996 the research which purpose was a definition whether pets can feel grief and show it was conducted. Conclusions were unambiguous – yes, can : 46 percent cat's after the death of the partner lost appetite, 70 percent mewed more or less usual, more than a half investigated stronger expressed affection for owners and at the most part time of a dream increased and change of the place of a dream was characteristic. About 65 percent of cats from skilled group showed serious changes in behavior after the death of the friend having a tail.

whether Grieve cats? 5 ways to help the pet to endure loss of the friend having a tail

I and own eyes saw grief of a cat. When I for the first time saw the younger pet, he was in the cubicle of a shelter where he fought for life with a respiratory infection which tormented him a thin little body. It got to a shelter together with other kittens from the dung, but in comparison with other animals, he was very weak and in his eyes all grief of the broken heart which beat off at all desire to live was reflected. Not hefty efforts of the veterinarian were necessary to recover health to this kid, and also much emotional efforts that the cheerfulness returned to it again.

I will list below what helped us to endure the difficult period then, and also to be restored this year when in our house two cats died . .

  1. Try to adhere to the usual mode in life, do not avoid routine affairs

Cats are animal habits, any changes bear them concern. Loss of expensive being are big changes in life. You can reduce influence of a stress from these hard times if you just continue to perform habitual routine operations in habitual time day by day.

  1. Respect grief of the pet and how he shows it

If your cat endures such loss, most likely you feel the same. In your emotional state (you suffer too) it can be quite difficult adequate to react to the acts of a cat caused by his own grief. The pet can sharply begin to show the increased attachment in relation to you and it is to several you bothers, try to understand is an expression of his grief including. Or, if the cat during this period not really actively washes, do not perceive it as suddenly begun untidiness.

whether Grieve cats? 5 ways to help the pet to endure loss of the friend having a tail

  1. Talk to your cat

Sounds of your voice will affect soothingly the grieving pet. Even if you can hardly believe that the cat understands your words, speeches of heart do not need the translation. After our old cat died, I took alone a cat on knees at least once a day and spoke to him: "I know, darling. I know, you miss it too. To me so sadly also I know, you long too. I so love you and we together will endure it." This talk can bring benefit and to you including, the cat at least will listen to everything that you will tell, without condemnation.

  1. you watch closely the pet's diet

From the endured stress the appetite of a cat can strongly increase and he can begin to eat without interruption. Or on the contrary, is not absolutely. After several days of such starvation, the animal risks to fall into a condition of a hepatic lipidoz. Even if this state will not pass into chronic and the pet will not get sick fully, it means sharp decrease in immunity and the increased susceptibility to viruses and diseases. And all because of a lack of nutrients. If your cat refuses food and drink, immediately show him to the veterinarian.

  1. you do not bring the new pet at once

And to your cat and you time is necessary to get used to loss before the new favourite having a tail crosses a threshold of your general house. Even in ideal conditions appearance of a new animal – a stress for the cat who is already living in the house therefore the quick decision on the pet "instead of left" will become serious additional test for your pack.

Jay And Kelly | on August 18, 2017

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