• Jul 22, 2020

of Joseph were found by eyewitnesses. The young couple of people walked on the private housing estate and saw literally a half-dead skeleton. In appearance it was the young dog, hardly a puppy, but all withered for hunger and thirst. He hardly stood on paws and showed the last signs of life, even about the help could not ask, so he was exhausted and exhausted.


Люди reported 100 vw about an unfortunate find to a shelter, and employees immediately went to save the remains of a dog. Joseph was chained, and around him a prickly rotten haystack. This only thing that reminded it of antecedents. The dog had neither a food, nor water, nor a warm shelter. In such conditions to survive remained to it few weeks.


Уже as half a year the dog is in a shelter. He was fed, washed, processed from parasites, carefully surveyed. It appeared, the kid could endure this critical moment, he is absolutely healthy, and now and is full of strength also energy. The guy once was house, from antecedents he took only good therefore he does not remember old offenses, and with heat and awe treats the person and waits when his future best friend comes. Joseph looks for the house.

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