• Aug 21, 2020

Versailles was a frequenter of the construction market. Small streets with construction mixes, paints, plates and tools, one thousand the passerby, the auction and loaders — so there passed his childhood. He was born unexpectedly for all. Mother of Versailles — a mongrel who ran away from responsibility of motherhood. Its accidental communication with a sheep-dog created such miracle metis. The kid is absolutely extraordinary. And he needed to do nothing except how to remain to survive in that market.


У Versailles even developed the daily routine. The puppy found to himself the secluded town under a construction plate, and eyewitnesses helped with apartments. Found the baby a box and rags from which it turned out modest, cold, unreliable, but though some corner. Versailles also lived in it, fell down, ate and thought of everything. In the morning it awoke beep of the truck. Versailles knew: there arrived the new goods, now it will be issued and will sell. Means, sellers, and will come behind them soon — buyers. For them also stalls with food will begin to open slowly. And from them take and come across joy to Versailles a piece of the fallen shawarma or uneaten hot dog.

Sometimes to Versailles and notably got. Its-legged it is kicked, will destroy its cardboard lodge, banished or will shout. Generally, got to the poor fellow. From it he was afraid of strangers though for it all were unfamiliar, and only units, sellers old men, were familiar with Versailles. But once the casual person changed life of Versailles forever. He regretted the exhausted kid and brought to a shelter.


Версаля saw 100 vw and were stupefied: incredibly beautiful kid, but all in parasites, thin and scared. Examined, washed, processed and sent to the open-air cage. But there Versailles was not for long. One man saw in the metis of a sheep-dog of the real companion, the friend and the interlocutor. Now Versailles, straight from dirty shabby boxes from the construction market got to kind reliable, and, above all — the loving hands. Are inexpressibly glad for the guy, all such happy ends!

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