• Aug 12, 2019
the Father since the childhood was afraid of dogs, but with the advent of Heppi everything changed.
to Get a dog was an old dream which did not come true in any way. And, maybe, conceived so also remained in plans if not the son …
Mother of the hero of our history always loved dogs. Especially French bulldogs. Long ago wanted to bring the four-footed pet, but it who really needs the help.
the Lobster learned that mother is signed on groups of the help to the French bulldogs on social networks. Reads their sad stories, sighs, worries. Periodically helps the poor fellows who were left without owners: transfers funds for maintenance or treatment of tails. And here it was impossible to take away to itself any frantsuzik everything in any way. Always there were reasons and excuses. The lobster subscribed for the same groups on social networks, as mother, and checked announcements.
I here suddenly appeared Heppi. History of a doggie is banal: the former owners handed over him in a shelter. On happy combination of circumstances the kid appeared on paid overexposure with medical care. It had problems with eyes and gums. The former owners complained that the pet was taken already adult, and he so did not forget to go to a house toilet. Especially if shout at it … So why to shout?
Information on Heppi appeared in a news feed of group of the help to the French bulldogs from time to time. And Omar at last called!
of Heppi brought to get acquainted with potential owners … And it remained in the new house forever.
is difficult to describe surprise of mother of Omar when that came home. But misunderstanding of the events was replaced by joy and desire to help a tail.
of Heppi lives six months with Omar's parents. During this time a lot of things changed: The lobster does not celebrate need in the apartment, even at strong excitement or a fright. Quietly there is one: knows, owners will not throw – will come from work and will take care of them. Learned to communicate with other dogs on the platform, is not afraid of crowded and noisy places. And yes! Issues with health are resolved too: now it is a vigorous dog with naughty and clockwork character. Still Heppi with pleasure trains, knows many teams and studies new.
However, to a sobaken changed a name. Now Heppi any more not Heppi, and Bronx. The dog remarkably responds to him.
the Lobster looks
A at parents and is surprised: as quickly and dexterously they accustomed with a role of owners of a dog. Before in the house there lived only cats. And the father as it appeared, since the childhood was afraid of dogs. But coped with fear and madly fell in love with the pet!

Here such miracles occur near us. Also their people – for themselves or the relatives create. And you are ready for small feats which fill life with sense?

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