• Feb 8, 2021

of This beautiful whitish and harmless guy was hardly noticed in the suburbs. It as if a shadow, hardly hobbled on the road, trying not to pay any attention to himself. Why the kid so persistently avoided people when medical care was so urgently necessary for him? The answer lies on a surface. And it is not a story about wildness, dispassionateness from people, inherent in all homeless perchers. For certain, the guy was offended by people: the car brought down or someone intentionally put mutilations to the kid.


Такие could draw conclusions on character traumatized by the pet and by results of the help which is not rendered in due time. The rupture of an axillary texture was found in the guy. It is difficult to get such trauma independently, exclusively strong external influence which is irreversible affected a dog.

The extremity was bent in the opposite direction, and on the foot the terrible wound was formed. The pet in the affected extremity did not have at all sensitivity therefore the injured paw had to be amputated.

of the Guy was called Kai. Now it was left without one paw, but it does not cancel its qualities. The pet very courageously transferred all manipulations and never took in head to be capricious or show aggression. Most likely, he was a homeless since the birth, but from first minutes of a meeting with the person understood that he should not be afraid, will take care of it. Kai in a hospital, it will be glad to any manifestation of feelings and attention. Remained very little finally to recover, and then according to the plan at this snow-white handsome to look for family and, for certain, for the first time in life to become really house and happy.

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