• Sep 20, 2019

It is a tall tale in which it is difficult to believe!

Once Babsi disappeared. Nobody knew anything about it for 9 years. This black-and-white cat was in a deplorable state when she was found at last. In 20 years – 96 years to human measures — she went blind and hardly stood on the feet.

And the staff of Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Great Britain) found an animal in five miles from the house.

Nobody knows where she lived and what did 9 years.

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Photo: facebook.com/rspcacymru

The inspector of society of protection of animals Gemma Cooper even did not believe at once that the cat was recognized by neighbors. There was a hope to find owners of Babsi.

Beautiful return

Having scanned the Babsi chip, in the society of protection of animals learned a name of the owner: Mike Marshall. The man did not expect to hear news about the cat who was gone 9 years ago. Their meeting was magic.

Babs recognized the owner at once and even zamurlykat.

Understanding that the cat is sick, Mike brought her to the veterinarian. Because of numerous problems with health and old age, the veterinarian to advise to lull an animal only.

It is very sad … But, nevertheless Babsi returned and said goodbye to the owner.

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