• Apr 10, 2019

to Bring the pet – all the same that to bring the child. At least, all responsible owners quite so treat it.

The cat can be bought, taken a kitten from acquaintances, however many decide to arrive differently and to take unfortunate creation from a shelter. The injured kitties or the worried hard events in the life, can not always easily find the new owner.

And in the USA treat it extremely responsibly. Just like that nobody will give a kitty to you. The worker of a shelter to make sure that you may support her you are able to treat animals (such cats demand the skilled owner), and, at last, at you everything is all right with nerves and you will not suit her a difficult life.

On the one hand, such attention – it is just fine. But there are also those who, for example, had no before business with cats, but very much want to become an owner for such kitty?

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