• Sep 17, 2019

Heroes about whom speech will go in this article laid the foundation of attitude to any generation of children, and until now continue to please, touch and amuse the people who long ago left the country of the childhood. Characters are characteristic, comical, all known. They acquainted us with some certain side of social life, with some, special view of the world.

1. The subject managing

 Matroskin, Matroskin, Troy from Prostokvashino, nostalgia, the childhood, the USSR, the animated film

In all vanity that is created to Prostokvashino, a cat Matroskin – the only sensible grain. He is responsible for cash flows, development of economy and the atmosphere in the house.

A cat judicious, economically grounded and in general – the child of many talents (knitting, doctoring, playing music, etc.). It is possible to rely on him in a critical situation, as well as the uncle Fyodor's mother made, having sent with the husband on leave, to show the four dresses:

— At it such cat is to which to you grow and raise. It behind it absolutely safe.

— Yes, I would have such cat, I, maybe, also would never marry.

2. Reckless bandits
 Fox Alice and Basilio's cat, animated film, childhood, nostalgia, USSR, Buratino

To define for itself borders "well-badly", in one Soviet animated film there is a strange alter ego of respectability, a classical tandem "a fox Alice and Basilio's cat" which shades other, socially more acceptable heroes. They in own way practical, self-interested, greedy, nevertheless very purposeful in realization of the artful ideas.

3. Sad esthete
 kitten of Gav, animated film, USSR, nostalgia, childhood

In my far childhood I incredibly grudged this lovely creature. The kitten of Gav got into unpleasant situations as soon as he left the secluded dwelling. And its main trouble was that he was convinced of inevitable collision with troubles at an exit from a comfort zone:

— They wait for me, these troubles? I went!

There is such pessimistic picture. But in a shower of the idea of friendship at it, mutual assistance and readiness to come to the rescue.

4. Impetuous philosopher
 Cheshire cat, nostalgia, childhood, animated film, USSR

Yes, mad. Yes, illogical. But it only at first sight. The Cheshire cat always answered in fact a question, and answers were more than exhaustive and exact. And it does not need someone's understanding. It is only necessary to love and feed in time.

5. Incorrigible peacekeeper
 a cat Leopold, Leopold, let's live in peace and friendship, nostalgia, the USSR, the childhood

Bases of friendship and interpersonal relationship to us were put by a cat Leopold. The expert in permission of the interpersonal conflicts having specially prepared, crown phrase in the arsenal: "let's live in peace and friendship". And though friendly the atmosphere in the animated film was seldom, however the essence of its method was enclosed in one head.

Leopold – a classical example of how resistance to stress is developed. "As steel" only in the children's version became tempered. However, despite all evil tricks of mice, the cat kept in himself the peaceful relation to life.

the Animated films shot on the fairy tales written earlier and in general works of art where the key part is assigned to animals – the simplified world order model. Sometimes primitive, sometimes exaggerated for descriptive reasons, nevertheless fundamental for formation of consciousness of the child.

The main thing – to choose really standing pictures which will help to create the system of values with the little person, the relation to these or those things and in general to give to it a general idea about the world.

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