• Jan 23, 2020
About how the Jolly-boat in thirty-degree frosts wanders on the Siberian city of Nizhnevartovsk and the small settlement of Izluchinsku we wrote

not so long ago. Someone from locals tried to cause catching on a dog, someone fed up and allowed to spend the night at an entrance of the house. And someone as the volunteer Alexander, for example, desperately looked for constant housing and the loving family for not purebred, but extraordinary clever dog.
 dog, mongrel, winter Photo: instagram.com/sobakafun

And before the Newest year we reported to our readers that at last there were owners for the Jolly-boat. And not somewhere, and in Germany. Also they were not the only persons interested to take away a sobaken. Future owners participated in a peculiar casting from three applicants and safely passed it.

More than a month the Jolly-boat lived in zoohotel while its documents prepared, vaccination and chipping were carried out. With it even the cynologist was engaged! The jolly-boat trained in teams, including at German. Here what competent dog (with knowledge of two languages!) departed to Germany.

 pet, dog, house, sofa Photo: instagram.com/sobakafun

But not to be gone to the Jolly-boat on roads of its hard destiny and to learn at last that such house heat and a cosiness, many people helped. First of all, it is, of course, Alexander. Still the girl volunteer Valeria who accompanied the Jolly-boat at flights from Nizhnevartovsk to Moscow, and from there to Munich. And also subscribers of a profile of Alexander in Instagram Anna who sheltered two Siberians between flights in Moscow, and Alexander, actively looking for (and found!) family for the Jolly-boat.

Alexander expresses separate gratitude to the cynologist Nadezhda. Her efforts for rather short term domestic the doggie turned into very decent well-mannered dog.

 dog, girl, winter Photo: instagram.com/sobakafun

Owners very responsibly treated a meeting with the new family member, in advance got all necessary. And the Jolly-boat did not lose face. As the decent dog, at acquaintance gave paws. It was not also without polizushka. Owners promised not to be lost and send full a photo and video the report on Tuzenbakh's life.

Alexander does not intend to lose touch with a favourite tail too, and in plans of the volunteer – to visit the Jolly-boat in May.

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