• Jan 16, 2020
Enjoying a honeymoon in Cape Town, the Republic of South Africa, couple of newlyweds became witnesses of very lovely scene, and soon, thanks to the Internet, carried her and to the uncountable number of people on all planet. On video the African penguins, having got out of water, right there joined hands (well or wings if to be more precisely). The newlyweds who hurried to photograph the moment on video observed how penguins just walked with each other long enough, not less poluminuta then they, indifferently, dispersed to have a rest on the beach with other penguins.


This warm video scattered worldwide, having presented to a lovely couple a lot of attention. However the charitable organizations look at it, as at chance to draw the attention of people to all population of the African penguins in general. These animals are on the verge of extinction and can disappear from the face of the earth in 10 years.
photo: google.com
Once African penguins were very numerous look. In their 19th century there were about 4 million. In their 2000 there were already less than 200 thousand. And by 2010 population fell already up to 55 thousand individuals.
to Disappearance of these animals are promoted by a set of factors. Main of them – the fishing industry leaving penguins without food: sardines and anchovies which are their main production. Because of the shortage of food, penguins should float further and further from the coast, and to stop as a result on less nutritious food. One more serious danger waiting them in ocean depths – to become so-called "prilovy", i.e. to snare fishers and, having got confused, to drown.
photo: google.com
the African penguins any more will never be able to prosper in the wild nature if the person does not interfere and will not help. Everyone can bring the small, but such important contribution – to limit the use of fish and sea products or at all to exclude them from a diet. It will help to stop excessive catch of fish. However just individuals are not enough, the major step is inclusion in process and the states which governments have to support policy of a stop of world giant fishers.

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