• Dec 21, 2018

Opinion as if nonconventional couples, mistakenly do not occur among animals. The homosexual behavior in the kingdom of animals — is similar to the ordinary like handshake or embraces. However the reasons of same-sex love at animals differ from human motives a little. Some do not pursue any specific goals at all, copulating with the floor.

Homosexual Behaviour in the Kingdom of Animals

Homosexuality in the open-air cage

Scientists managed to find 450 types for which same-sex "marriages" were norm . The majority of cases of such love is connected with the internal hierarchy forcing some individuals to dominate actively over others. Besides, the majority of the animals noticed in nonconventional communications conducted active heterosexual life.

Homosexuality among Animals

There are homosexual relations and among the animals living in bondage. Same-sex couples live in zoos of the different countries.

In the world there is a mass of examples of homosexuality among animals. The brightest of them have names and own history.

Homosexuality in the Open-air Cage

So, the elephant by the name of Nivyo living in the Polish zoo never differed in friendliness. He was most aggressive in the presence of females whom he constantly tried to beat by a trunk. But in the company of males of Nivyo felt safe. It turned out later that "pacified" its nonconventional inclination .

Homosexual couples of elephants meet quite often. Representatives of minorities separate from herd and live is isolated, indulging in love joys and not participating in reproduction.

Penguins Vendell and Kass living in the New York oceanarium were unseparable. Once owners of a zoo carried out the DNA test as a result of which it turned out that both penguins were males. Their love lasted 7 years until Kass died.

Examples in the wild nature

Same-sex Relationships of Dolphins

Same-sex relationships meet also in the wild nature. For example, dolphins create heterosexual couples only during reproduction. In the rest of the time males "meet" both females, and other males. In dolphin couples it is accepted to care for the partner. Nonconventional couples and whales form. Migrating on huge distances, animals "have a rest", participating in orgies numbering up to 5 individuals.

Other examples of homosexuality in fauna:

Same-sex Relationships at Swans

  1. Swans . The reference love of these birds did not become an exception. 20% of swan couples make same-sex. Moreover, such unions even bring up baby birds. To get posterity, they steal someone else's eggs, driving away traditional couples from their nests.
  2. of the Chimpanzee . Dwarfish бонобо broke the record on homosexuality. Chimpanzees make love just for the hell of it, as reconciliation and during resolution of conflicts.
  3. Bird cockerel . The Guiana bright birdie — an example of how the homosexuality interferes with reproduction of a look. The matter is that 40% of males copulate with representatives of the floor. And the huge percent of birds does not consist in the traditional relations at all.

Homosexuality in fauna is not considered a rarity. The unambiguous reason of such behavior for scientists to establish it was not possible yet.

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