• Oct 4, 2019
Sometimes happens to

so that the age of a cat is unknown, but it is necessary to define at least approximately, how old is he. Such situation can develop, for example, when the cat is found on the street. In this case it is possible to determine the age of a pet on his external signs.

How Independently to Recognize Age of a Cat by External Signs

On wool

Of course, the exact age of an animal will not manage to be determined only on wool. Especially as some cats have no indumentum at all. But nevertheless it is possible to mark out some signs of a condition of wool which are characteristic of the concrete vital period of the pet.

So, young cats (aged up to one year) possess soft wool, in it there are almost always no bald spots and koltuna. Mature pets (aged from one year up to 7 years) at good leaving have also smooth and silky wool without gray hair. Cats of advanced age (is more senior than eight years) have a gray hair, there can also be koltuna and bald spots.

On teeth

This way of determination of age is more effective. The matter is that at the age of three-five weeks kittens have milk teeth which in six months are completely replaced with radical. In a year the dental health of a cat is the best: teeth are strong, the raid and stones are absent. By two years the yellow raid begins to appear. In five years there is pronounced a deleting of the central and average cutters, they will drop out by seven years. In ten years cats begin to lose teeth, and by fifteen years even canines drop out.

Here it is important to note that health of teeth of a pet is affected by a set of factors: correct leaving, heredity and way of life. Therefore at cats of one age the dental health can differ.

On eyes

Besides to determine by eyes how many to a cat of years, quite difficult. But there are several nuances to which it is worth paying attention. So, it is important to note turbidity. Of course, they can meet also at young cats that demonstrates development of a cataract. But most often such turbidity demonstrate old age of an animal. Further it is necessary to pay attention to an iris which surrounds a pupil. At young cats it bright, accurate, saturated. Elderly pets on it have spots, roughnesses, lines. Existence of tearfulness can demonstrate or that before you an elderly cat, or that the cat has a disease of eyes. Therefore in the presence of such symptom it is better to address the veterinarian immediately.

Signs of puberty

It is necessary to refer to signs of puberty of cats and cats:

  1. Loud and annoying miaow. You will not confuse such draft shouts with usual miaow. They differ in guttural sounds which in usual life are unusual for the pet.
  2. The animal marks the territory. The pet ceases to celebrate natural need in the tray and marks everything around. It is necessary for it in order that the partner could find it on a smell and also in order that competitors understood that the territory is already occupied.
  3. Refusal of food. Animal reference points during this period are displaced on extension some kind of therefore it can temporarily refuse food. If the behavior of an animal is followed also by other signs of puberty, then you should not worry due to the lack of appetite at it.
  4. Other changes of behavior. During this period domestic cats cannot find to themselves the place in the house and actively try to get out to the street. And cats often ride on a floor, make up, curved in an unambiguous pose.

But existence of signs of puberty will help to determine the age of a cat or cat only if before you a kitten. Then it is possible to assume that he is about six months old. If it is an adult individual, then signs of puberty will not help to define how many to the pet of years. They copulate till an old age, bringing healthy posterity.

Thus, it is possible to determine the age of a cat on external signs, using them in total. If to apply them on one, then there are too many factors which can lead to the wrong answer.

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