• Aug 5, 2019

of the Dog and a cat are animals who possess special power. It is considered that some breeds, thanks to the structure of the body, are allocated with magic force. But not smaller influence on character of the pet and the fate of his owner are rendered by color of wool of chetverony. There are at least 10 interesting facts about a color of cats and dogs who will help to look at a pet in a new way.

About a Colour of Cats and Dogs

Experts advise

to select the pet not only according to breed, character, but also on a color of its wool.

Here several facts about it:

Colour of Cats and Dogs

What the Colour of the Pet Can Tell about the Pet

Colour of Cats and Dogs Interesting Facts

  • Cats of white color are highly appreciated when they have no impregnations of other shade on a hair. Such animals receive the first places at exhibitions. However experts know that they are very much allergichna and demand a special diet.
  • of the Dog seldom are to a white color monophonic , at them it is obligatory to eat a black border around eyes, a nose or ears.
  • Animals of a black color usually do not enjoy popularity at manufacturers, but this color is sign of misfortune not everywhere. For example, in England such favourites on the special account. Fishermen take them with themselves in the sea and consider the mascots bringing good luck.
  • There is an opinion that kittens, with black wool have ability to treat some diseases at people. To enough such animal to lie down on a sore point at least once in day, and there comes simplification.
  • It is known that white blue-eyed cats quite often are born deafs. This defect does not affect their activity and love to the owner. Besides they bring healthy posterity.
  • If at an animal a red fur coat, then is present at their organism a special gene . And at cats, especially thoroughbred, the color does not happen without spots and burn marks. The drawing can be pronounced or hardly distinguishable.
  • On signs, presence in the house is more red than a dog attracts prosperity and good luck. Besides from them and blows as a positive — golden pets as the sun, light the dwelling.
  • Gray, or as it is accepted to call them among experts, blue cats very soft and appeasable . With them the harmony and a cosiness come to the house. At pregnancy they help the woman to endure a stress and reorganization of an organism, being nearby.
  • The character of two-color animals in many respects depends on intensity of a color and breed of an animal.
  • Chocolate cats and dogs very much like to travel and adore the owners .

Of course, color of hair of animal can give an idea of its character and habits. But nevertheless you should not be trusted only these signs. The choice of the pet — business thin at which it is necessary to rely on own intuition first of all.

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