• Nov 13, 2018

How to Choose the Place for a Cat's Tray and Not to Spoil an Interior and is capable to spoil any interior. And if pleasant or at least not strongly drawing attention to itself is possible to pick up option, then it can not suit a cat – they are choosy in this question – can absolutely reject a modern cat's toilet, having preferred a simple open tray.

Types of trays

Cat's trays happen the opened and closed type.

Open trays

How to Choose the Place for a Cat's Tray and Not to Spoil an Interior the Most conservative option. It is easy to find such trays in sale – they are presented in all variety of flowers. Such type of trays usually suits cats. Its shortcoming – the filler scattered around a tray which should be swept regularly

the Closed trays

By means of the closed tray it is possible to prevent filler scattering, but if it suddenly seems to a cat especially cozy, she will begin to use it not only directly, but also for rest and a dream, and it will be difficult to disaccustom her to this habit.

of the Place for placement

Usually cat's toilets place in the bathroom, a toilet or a corridor, but in order that the cat recognized a tray, it is necessary to please and to it – these animals prefer that their toilet was in the readily available quiet place where nobody and anything will disturb them, and far away from food.

How to provide easy access to a tray for a cat

How to Choose the Place for a Cat's Tray and Not to Spoil an Interior If owners are not ready that the door of their bathroom or a toilet will be always open – for ensuring the guaranteed access of a pet to his tray, then it is possible to solve this problem by means of the opening which is cut out in this door – a personal cat's entrance. If such option confuses with something, then the cut can be closed special gates – gates which are used in houses where this animal was given an opportunity of an independent entrance and an exit to the street.

How to hide a tray

How to Choose the Place for a Cat's Tray and Not to Spoil an Interior One of the simplest ways to disguise a tray from curious eyes – to place it behind a screen or a small curtain. This decision will allow to provide rest for a cat and visible purity is a good decision for placement of an open tray. The lack of such placement is that not such screen will be able to fit into any interior.

It is also possible to equip a floor case under a cat's toilet. Such placement solves a problem of the scattered filler. In a door of a case it is easy to cut out also a separate entrance to it for a cat.

Some breeders of cats remake under cat's toilets vintage chests, benches in the hall and small dressers.

One of modern ways to hide a tray is its placement in wall boxes or niches. Such decision allows to enter a cat's toilet in any interior quite harmoniously. Minus such option of placement of a tray – it should be planned at a room design stage.

Having chosen, one of the listed decisions, it is possible not only to provide a pet with a convenient toilet, but also not to spoil an interior at the same time.

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