• Dec 11, 2020

Many owners face that very much it is hard to make a good photo of the pet. How to photograph a dog or a cat, that the result brought joy, but not disappointment?

Photography of a Dog of a Photo
of the Photo: google

You need good luck and a little planning.

How to photograph the pet: 8 councils of the photographer

  1. Not remove from height of human growth. Fall by animal level, even if it is necessary to lay down on the earth.
  2. Not try to grasp all animal, from a nose to a tail. Concentrate on certain part, for example, in the eyes.
  3. Sometimes it is useful to lift the pet on the eminence.
  4. If you take photographs of a dark or black animal, there can be a temptation to use flash. However you should not abuse it.
  5. Think about composition. Do not try to grasp everything and at once, place accents. Think what element will make your photo outstanding and will express emotions.
  6. Stock up patience. The skill comes with experience. And the more you photograph, the it will be better to turn out.
  7. Observe for the pet. You need to understand that the animal likes to do and to use this knowledge during the photoshoot.
  8. Enjoy! Photoshoot – only one more opportunity to communicate to the favourite. So perceive it as entertainment, but not as a matter of life and death.

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