• Aug 14, 2019

We know very much about dogs that, apparently, they did not have from us secrets. But there is a secret which we did not comprehend still – and whether we will comprehend sometime? Namely: how did dogs become our best friends?

Dog and Person

How left what the being who sleeps with us in one bed genetically almost does not differ from a wolf? From that Grey Wolf, a monster from fairy tales, the eternal enemy of mankind which has "such big teeth"?

Now dogs live worldwide. Also do for us very much that is simply amazing: they work in police, search for people in avalanches and blockages after earthquakes, protect our houses and protect us, help people with special needs, participate in psychotherapy, mastered a set of sports … And they so strongly entered our life that it is difficult to present them as descendants of a wolf – independent and alerted which sense does not give in to training even if to tame him. Therefore there were sayings: "The wolf is weaker than a tiger, but in circus does not act" or "As wolf feed, and he to the forest watches everything ".

And still by geneticists it is proved with an absolute accuracy that one and all dogs came from these gray predators.

It is even more surprising because people all the history conducted fierce war with wolves (and here and there wage and now). War was inevitable: people and wolves were direct competitors for food in those days, so, for survival. Wolves were destroyed in the most different ways, including barbaric: poisoned, put traps, shot from helicopters … It occurred everywhere where wolves had misfortune to share the territory with people.

Wolf Grin

People who have no sharp canines and powerful claws thanks to the invention of weapon became superpredators, that is those whose number is not regulated by other predators, and exterminated competitors. But wolves, unlike many other types, somehow managed to endure this destruction and exist still. Possibly, thanks to the amazing intelligence.

Generally, at all is not similar to relationship of the best friends.

And at the same time nobody definitely knows how long dogs live near us. Was considered that 15000 – 30000 years, but there were data that ours with them the commonwealth is even more ancient and contains 50 millennia! That is, in fact, when the person realized himself the person, near him there was already a dog.

There is a version that once the person came across wolf cubs, brought them home (or in a cave) and grew up, that is consciously turned a wolf into a dog. But as far as it is probable? For certain people had no excess resources, and they were hardly able to afford similar entertainment without guarantee of success, especially taking into account, to put it mildly, intense human relations and wolves.

As from the worst enemies, wolves, turned out the best friend of the person? Unless it is not surprising?

There is one more riddle. If the fauna could be measured by human morals (which, of course, here is inapplicable, but nevertheless), dogs could be considered traitors – they betrayed the immediate family, having gone over on the party of people. And there are even breeds of dog which specialize in murder of wolves! And wolves do not shun hunting for dogs. Some fratricide. And at the same time these "traitors" became a standard of fidelity and devotion. Here is how so? Secret …

Dogs … Such familiar and such mysterious. How many their secrets should we still solve?

Dog and Person

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