• May 1, 2020

the Kid Skye, despite the impressive dimensions and power, remains shy and timid inside. He is so timid, gentle dog that even is not trusted in his high feelings, looking at serious huskies. And in vain! Skye dreamer. His thoughts were always directed in something light, kind, clean, eternal. But, alas, dreams of happy life in family of favourite owners were unrealizable.


Однажды it with the owner went to walk. In it without having concealed anything suspicious, Skye was delighted, time spent with people the most valuable to it. He waited for these walks during the day and nights. The young dog whether purposely was left on the street, whether accidentally lost it is unknown. But the result one dog remained thrown on the street. The last walk could turn back for it anything, plots a set.

To nobody necessary, he tried to make yet attempts to find the house, but everything was vain. Wandered, wandered, it peered, vnyukhivatsya that only it did not do in the aspiration to return to a home. And when absolutely lost a track and the last hope for return, just it was necessary to survive.


Унылого, the yearned dog were found by eyewitnesses. They reported to a local shelter in Zelenograd that the dog is found under strange circumstances. Skye bound on a lead and left at a municipal shelter. There to it as it appeared, there was no place. Employees daily passed by it, darting caustic glances from which the dog wanted to howl, escape from fetters and to run up hill and down dale.

But not indifferent people much more. And Skye noticed for huskies immediately arrived and took away in a private shelter. Now the young, absolutely healthy, imparted, castrated dog with feels much better. He realized that hungry times passed. Care for him. To him is with whom to pass away leisure, to chat and even to play games. But after all you will not call it family. And heat, caress, care in it so many that will be enough for all. But for all you will not be dear. Therefore Skye waits for personalized the one who will fall in love with its naughty character, inquisitive mind and gay character at first sight.


Потерянные, thrown out and to nobody the necessary huskies are a payment for popularity of breed.

Every time before falling in love with beautiful eyes similar to a wolf huskies, esteem and learn, estimate the opportunities and consider purpose and features of breed.

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