• Sep 2, 2020

nicknamed This girl the Mouse with an ulterior motive. Huskies not only the gray color are reminded by a mammal. She, unfortunately, and led a life corresponding. Wandered on garbage cans of Vladikavkaz in search of the better life. Tried to find food lumps, literally crept on containers because it had no choice. But the most awful — the dog got into the strongest scrape, broke a paw.


Травма fell on a back extremity. The bone just stuck out in its coxofemoral part. Fabric did not grow together, bled, suppurated, having formed the whole hole. The mouse suffered for weeks until it was noticed by the passerby. It was the last hope huskies, but also here it did not turn out. Doctors of Vladikavkaz could not technically the help to the pet. It had to be carried to Moscow, to wait for the help from not indifferent or to operate as a last resort a dog on credit. But the last did not happen. The mouse got support, and the best veterinarian of the city agreed to the most difficult operation.


Вмешательство passed 100 vw successfully. The bone was restored, the Mouse will be able to go, but rehabilitation still is necessary to it. Already even seams were removed, after that the pet feels many times better. Food got better, analyses good, there is dynamics in healing of a wound. The mouse quietly and courageously transferred treatment and now is on the final mend. All eager to find the best friend, conscious, trustful, kind and quiet, we report: The mouse will be glad to acquaintance!

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