• Dec 29, 2020

This baby arrived from Tuapse. The girl of breed huskies itself hardly crossed a threshold of a mature individual as the posterity was necessary to bear, give birth and feed with her. Business it now difficult, especially for a domestic dog who and to take care of itself often not in forces in the conditions of the city what to tell about her yet blind and nothing the able children.

We assumed that huskies tried to cross to the carrier of the same breed. Or perhaps this communication was inadvertent, not about huskies at all. Anyway, the posterity appeared to objectionable owners of their mother. And mother appeared not to the yard too. Well, the dog could not, being in family, hothouse conditions, surrounded with care, with own hand to choose the way dangerous both for it, and for her children. Against a maternal instinct you will not trample, all on the best for children as are told, so, mothers it was by all means bad in family, and it decided to run away together with a brood on search of the better life if she was turned out, of course, not violently.

As you see, attempt it was unsuccessful on sorrow. There are no puppies, and their location is unknown. Whether they are alive whether they are healthy? As well as mother, we suffer in guesses too. Most likely, they were gone a few weeks ago in very small age because were fed from mother. And after their disappearance there passed enough time that the lactation proceeded, but milk was not updated. Because of it severe purulent mastitis on a crumb body developed. It could die because of plentiful suppurations.


Choosing from all evils smaller, so far it was succeeded to save only mother of family. Who knows, maybe, also her children will be found, but the hope is not enough. Huskies it is processed from parasites, surveyed, fed. Said goodbye to mastitis, and here with hope to begin all over again — no. We look for the house of mother who lost the children. She saved up in herself so much caress and love that becomes attached to people instantly, well transfers other pets and very much it tries to be pleasant to all that her life did not turn into hell. The girl looks for the house!

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