• May 13, 2020

They say that animals cannot have deep feelings. They have no such abilities. But how to explain apathy inherent in them, bitterness in eyes and offense if to them or their relatives there is something absolutely cruel? Probably, pets thinner natures in lives, than notorious terms in educational zoogrants.

So it happened to a dog by the name of Kalf. His hostess in terminal state. The woman has the heaviest stage of oncology. She is not capable to look after herself, and especially to please the dear friend. He has nobody to address any more. Kalf in a shelter. Everything that the loving woman could give to a dog, it with interest embodied in their joint incorruptible friendship. From it it is even heavier to it to live with a thought that more with the hostess it will not divide day of the life.


Кальф absolutely domestic, sociable and obedient dog. He is accustomed to walking and knows several teams. Behaves quietly, peacefully and quietly. Does not do harm, loves people, other animals. It is healthy, imparted, castrated, with the passport. With respect and respect for all belongs. And, above all — would like also to himself such relation. But so far in his eyes bitterness from the forthcoming loss which he very realizes. Probably, will help him only not less loving, than his hostess, heart.

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