• Jul 20, 2020

Mischa is a ten-year-old dog of breed a Labrador. It, still lovely, naive, not knowing cares and efforts, with pleasure wealthy people with an oath promise to love, to support and care, despite everything took charge.


Первый year, the next three, five, ten years people truly and sincerely held the promise. Mischa did not meet problems, did not refuse anything to himself, lived happily and carefree. He was already ready to come to an old age adequately, in heat and a cosiness. But that was not fated to happen.

Like a bolt from the blue to a shelter there arrived the unfamiliar car. It is not a good omen for employees, it promises emergence or newborns of "rejected, superfluous" kids, or deadly the patients who are strongly started or here such as Mischa, absolutely house, kind, well-mannered, but already for some reason to nobody the necessary pets.


Причина refusal? It is absent just, laziness, irresponsibility, indifference … And in addition to treachery — the terrifying exhaustion and Mischa's neglect. It was accepted, of course, back in a shelter from which with such hope gave family. Now it will be here. Whether for a long time or forever, nobody knows. But all are precisely sure of one: dog remarkable, appeasable, clever, kind, well-mannered. And if someone wants to console him and to heal a sincere wound, he is ready to get acquainted!

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